My name is Taree.  I am a lover of fashion, a dreamer, pattern cutter and garment maker.  I am the mother of Brody, my 23yr old son, and partner to my life long boyfriend Dan.  We live by the beach on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, Australia.

My mother taught me to sew around the age of 12, so I had a lot of experience sewing from patterns during my teens and 20’s.  I decided to study fashion at age 30 and have worked in fashion ever since.  I love to pattern make.  Nothing brings me greater joy than finding an image or drawing an image of a garment I want to make and converting that image into a pattern and then into a wearable garment.  I was never taught to draft patterns but have always worked from blocks to create garments.

In 2014 I took a hiatus from sewing and pattern making to focus on developing my career in fashion working for a great Aussie international fashion label.  I was also burnt out from sewing and pattern making for others.  Towards the end of 2018 I really started missing that hands on pattern making and sewing experience and at the same time discovered our amazing and vibrant maker community on Instagram.  You guys have ignited my maker spirit!

It is my aim through this blog and my Instagram feed to inspire, educate and support makers in the craft of pattern making using blocks.  And to also share garments made using commercial & indie patterns.

As a forever learner I am grateful for the amazing and supportive network of makers and creators that exist in this world.  We are lucky to be linked through this beast called the World Wide Web!  Each and every one of you inspire me everyday to be a better pattern cutter and garment maker.  Thank you!