A few weeks ago I was reflecting on how I have been communicating with my email subscribers and it does feel like I am only sending you an email when I have a sale or a new product launch.  This time is no different, but it is something that I am hoping to change in the new year.  Working on Marsha Style as a side hustle can sometimes be challenging from a time perspective.  Especially when I want to do more, provide you with more valuable sewing content and really knuckle down on adding value to the 4 (soon to be 5) Marsha Style PDF Patterns.  Maybe next year is the year that I find some more pockets of time to turn some of these dreams into reality.

Finding those pockets of time means a change in focus. It means putting a halt on new pattern creation and spending that time creating pattern hacks and block posts about existing patterns which is something I am really excited about. My head is full of ideas that just need those pockets of time to turn into something meaningful.

I’m looking forward to exploring and improving my video content creation and editing skills. Understanding my equipment better and learning a little more about lighting. Content creation can look easy on those Instagram squares but believe me it is a time consuming process that requires patience with technology. 

In the meantime, in this current moment, I am celebrating turning 46 years young.  You can get 30% off all Marsha Style Patterns using the code BDAYSALE until midnight 15th October 2021 – Australian EST.  The code is valid on the Marsha Style website & Etsy Store only and not through 3rd party retailors.  Thank you all for another year of supporting Marsha Style PDF Patterns.

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