The Tatjana Trousers by Just Patterns.

I was gifted the Tatjana Trousers pattern by Delphine of Just Patterns just before it’s release late last year but struggled to find time to sew them up until a couple of weeks ago. To be honest I’m not really a trouser girl, or a formal / corporate dresser. My style is more casual. So the time delay was also me thinking about how I could adapt these pants to suit my style. This is something super important to me as I really only like to invest time an energy into sewing projects that I know will become staples in my wardrobe.

Tatjana Trousers style with a wrap top.

Then I spotted on @sewingtidbits that Delphine had created a pair of Tatjana Trousers from denim and the light bulb turned on. Tatjana Jeans would be right up my alley!

Delphine’s Jean trouser inspiration.

I love how sewing projects just fall together sometimes. Every year I do a little fabric haul all the way from Blackbird Fabric in Canada to Australia. In last years haul I brought a piece of natural colored bull denim that was perfect for this project.

Tatjana Trousers styled with my Aray Top

Using the body measurements chart provided with the pattern I determine I was a size 40 and did not make any adjustments to the pattern. I am often lucky with patterns that I’m not between sizes nor do I have to grade in or out for various parts of my body. In saying this grading between sizes is easy and you can draw lines between your sizes to create a pattern that is perfect for you.

Love the welt pockets!

I made the decision not to toile this pant as I wasn’t grading between sizes. If you are grading between sizes I do recommend making a toile or test garment to test the fit before cutting your final fabrication. Especially if you adore your final fabric and want the fit to be perfect.

Style with the Tyra Tee by Just Patterns.

The instructions that accompanied this pattern are fantastic. I learnt a new technique for inserting a front fly zipper and welt pocket that I have not tried before. I have tested many front fly zipper techniques and instructions and these were by far the best instructions for a home sewer that I have ever used. No gapping front fly!

Easy welt pocket construction method.

The pattern instructions also come with images to support each stage of the sewing process when things need a little further clarification. Keeping in mind this is my opinion of the instructions as an experienced sewer. I could not fault them.

The perfect trouser to go with my Shameka Top!

I approached this project as a slow sewing project. It is a technical sew and I really took my time with each stage. It was a great way to slow down my mind and refocus during a period when life was a little hectic. Sewing truly is my therapy.

Close up of all the details.

To keep in the Jean theme I used a natural topstitching thread that was 20% darker than the base color. Topstitching was applied to the front and back rise and inleg seam.

And the rolled cuff was the perfect leg finish for me.

To keep my casual theme flowing I have been wearing them with a rolled cuff. This changes the pant from a wide leg pant to more of a ballon shape leg line. See the video below on how this is done.

How to roll the cuff……

I really love how these pants have turned out. So much so I will be making a second pair using a light blue denim also from Blackbird Fabrics very soon. This style is going to be a Winter staple for me. You can use the code TAREE10 to receive a 10% discount off the Tatjana Trousers until 17 April 2021.

The End!

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