s8839 It’s all about the sleeve….

Simplicity 8839 was all about the sleeve for me. I spotted this fabulous top in the feed of Well Fibre a few months ago and knew I needed one in my wardrobe at some point.

This pattern is not available in stores in Australia and I ordered it on line direct from Simplicity . I tend to do this with all of my major label pattern purchases these days. Unfortunately the stores in Australia don’t seem to have the latest collection patterns until a long time after they are available to the rest of the world. It usually takes about 2 to 3 wks for patterns to arrive but well worth the wait if it’s a style you love.

I made this top using a gingham gauze that I picked up at Tejidos Donna in Barcelona earlier this year. From memory it was 100% Rayon. I really like the gauze nature of this fabric and have a little bit left over to make myself a summer top one day soon.

S8839 is an easy pattern to sew. I cut the size that was recommended for my body measurements. My only tips with this one is the check the elastic on the arms before you sew the sleeve up. For me the elastic lengths recommended in the pattern were to big and the sleeves would not stay in place. I had to unpick the sleeve and shorten all of the elastic lengths. It’s such a fine line, as there is nothing worse than elastic that is too tight either. It just needs to be that perfect length so you can get some puff without cutting the blood supply to your arms.

I love wearing this top with pants or shorts. I love the drama of the sleeves. It certainly is a piece that I get multiple compliments on each and every time I wear it. Wearing here with my Megan Nielsen Dawn Jean and my first ever hand made shoes, the Cosette Sandal by The Shoe Camaraderie.  Making these shoes was a super proud moment!

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