The Sewing Rut

I feel like I’m in a little sewing rut. It feels like none of my sewing choices are really working out or have been gelling with me lately. My fabric selection has been off or I’m choosing to make patterns because they are popular whilst knowing deep down they won’t feel right on me. And now I’m doubting and questioning every sewing decision I’m make.

Maybe that is where the problem lies. Am I overthinking this sewing blogging thing and not trusting in my gut instincts and making pieces that are truely me. Am I making things just for likes or to get tagged in a popular pattern labels feed? To tell the truth I think I subconsciously am. And the irony of it all is it is having an adverse effect on my sewing.

After last weekends project I’m hoping I’ve learnt a valuable lesson. For now anyway.  I’m going to reclaim my sewing power, my individual style, listen to my heart and trust my gut again with my making decisions.  I’m sure I’m still going to make bad choices but hopefully they are fewer and far between.

And although last weekends sewing project didn’t work out exactly as I would have hoped the Wiksten Shift Dress is a great pattern that looks fabulous on so many people. The pattern is well notched and the sewing instructions are very easy to understand. It is an oversized boxy shape so if that is a shape your are comfortable wearing you will love this pattern. Be sure to read the finished measurement of the dress and size down if you would like it to be not so boxy.

I am fairly sure I am going to give this pattern another go some time in the future in a softer washed linen and will hack it into a baby doll shape instead of the original shift dress.

I am also excited about the dress I am going to turn this one into. The fabric I have used is a beautiful Broderie Anglaise from A & R Fabrics. It has a geometric pattern that is a nice break from floral patterns. I will end up with the white summer dress of my dreams it’s just taking a little longer than expected.

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