Lander Shorts by True Bias

Finding the perfect shorts can be like finding a needle in the hay stack. They are either too short or too long, too tight or too loose, the back waistband gaps or the rise is too short or too long. The list of possible flaws is endless when it comes to shorts.

Lander Shorts
Lander Shorts by True Bias

What better way to solve your endless list of requirements than to embark on the journey of #memade shorts. For this project I wanted a pair of shorts that was loose fitting with a turned cuff, waistband and belt loops so that I could pull the waistline in with a belt to create a cinched in waist look with an oversized short. After countless hours of looking at home made shorts on line I decided to use the Lander Shorts pattern by True Bias as my base.

Typically the Lander Short is a snug fitting short with a reasonable leg length. Normally I would cut a size 6 in this pattern, but instead I cut a size 10 or 2 sizes bigger than my true fitting size. I also changed the back pocket shape from rectangle to a triangular bottom as I find this more flattering on my tush.

Pattern Adjustments
Increase front & back rise by 1.5cm. Updated back pocket shape.

To ensure I had my proportions as planned I did make a calico toile before cutting my final fabric. This gave me the opportunity to practice sewing a fly front as I have not sewn one of these in about four years. Thankfully sewing is like riding a bike. My skills are a little rusty but I definitely remember the process. I added 1.5cm to the front and back rise so I could wear them high waisted when belted.

My fabric was from The Fabric Store . I did purchase it from the Brisbane Store so I’m not sure if it is available on line. It is a mid weight fabric that was perfect for this short. It was also a stable fabric and relatively easy to sew.

This interpretation of the Lander Short was perfect for me. These shorts are a valuable addition to my wardrobe and will get plenty of wear over the coming months while the weather here remains hot and humid.

The perfect short for me!
The perfect short for me!

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12 thoughts on “Lander Shorts by True Bias

    1. I didn’t end up shortening them. I just sewed a larger hem so then I could turn back the cuff without and overlooking on the side seam showing. They just look shorter due to the turn back cuff if that makes sense.

  1. I love that you sized up to get that more ‘trouser-like’ silhouette. They look great.

    Just a note that your post title says Closet Case Patterns…At first I was thinking you had made your own version of shorts using both the Lander Pants and the Jenny Overalls combined somehow.

  2. These look great – I’m very tempted by the pattern. Does the pattern come with an alternative zip to the button fly, or did you make this alteration yourself (and was it tricky?!?

    1. I believe there is a tutorial or something along those lines on the true bias website. I made the alteration by myself as I am familiar with the fly front. I didn’t change the pattern pieces. You can use the same pieces for the fly. It’s just a different technique. I find a fly front easier than a button fly.

  3. Hi!! I loooooove these shorts! I just made them in a twill and they turned out so great. Now, of course, I have to make them in all the fabrics. What was the fabric you used for your shorts? Thanks!

    1. To be honest I can’t remember what fabric I used for these…. It was kind of a suiting fabric. The weave was a little open. Not sure if that helps 😃

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