Mimi G’s Jessica Dress.

I have always found english, grammar, writing and spelling quite difficult.  So writing a blog is a completely daunting task for me.  However, I also recognize that the only way to get better at something is to practice.  So here I am facing my fear of writing.

Jessica Dress

My latest make is the Jessica Dress by the inspirational Mimi G.  I stumbled across her story in Gary Vee’s Crushing It.  From reading this book and exploring Mimi G’s story further, I discovered a whole community of home sewers and pattern makers that I didn’t even realise existed.

My Mumma taught me sew when I was 12 years old.  She is an amazing sewer and spent many hours honing my sewing skills.  Sewing and pattern making became my career but I gave it up over 3 years ago to work full time with a fashion brand that manufactures off shore.  I still work with garments daily but no longer physically pattern make or sew garments.

Jessica Dress

Stumbling across the online sewing community re ignited my want to get hands on again with pattern making and sewing.  The only difference these days is I sew only for myself and not for money.  I pattern make and sew because I want to and not because I have to.

Over the last 2 months I have been sewing various Indie Patterns and this week I wanted to sew a pattern created by the lady who got me back on this creating train.  The Jessica Dress is a button through dress with a fitted bodice and gathered skirt.  The button through trend is so strong right now and there is room in my wardrobe for a dress that speaks to this trend.

Jessica Dress
Style with a denim jacket

I did make a calico toile of this design given it was a fitted bodice.  The size S dress was almost the perfect fit for me.  I did a small adjustment to the top edge of the side bodice so it would hug nice and close to my body.  I prefer to make an adjustment through the side bodice than taking the bodice in at the side seam.  I find you get a better fit over the bust instead of pulling into the side seam.  I added more shaping to the sweetheart neckline to open it up slightly, shortened the shoulder straps and added pockets into the side seams instead of the patch pockets.  I also took the button placket through the skirt and bodice and fully lined the bodice given the light weight nature of my fabric choice.  I still fused the top edges of the lining for stability.  If I make this dress again I would make the straps adjustable.

Jessica Dress

My Jessica dress was made from a 100% Rayon printed stripe from Spotlight Stores.  I was lucky enough to purchase it at 40% off so this dress has been a great value make.  Especially because the pattern was also only US$5. The stripes did make cutting and sewing a little tricky and I did replace a few of the bodice panels to ensure the stripe worked well on the bodice.

Jessica Dress
Style with sandals

Overall the Jessica dress is a great pattern to sew.  The instructions are easily understood and the pattern itself is not a complex sew.  My tip again would be to use your machine to sew on all those buttons.  Pair the Jessica dress with a denim jacket in the cooler weather.  You could even layer over a white Tee.  Style with some sneakers or sandals.  As always I have finished my dress off with a woven label by Kylie And The Machine.  I can’t wait to wear my Jessica dress to work tomorrow.

Jessica Dress
“One Of A Kind” woven label

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  1. I think your dress is lovely! It was the bold striped fabric that attracted me initially. I like the stripe placement with the blue on the front button placket.

    You say that you find English grammar, writing and spelling difficult…but I found your post very well written and delightful to read. Thanks for sharing!

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